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I'm not afforded time for a proper review, alas, I haven't had time to watch again, so this will probably only make sense to me. *cackle*

• Alex's look is now more of a 'proper' 1982 look as opposed to the 80s parody as per the first series. And a few of my cousins did actually have a flicked up haircut like Shaz back in the day! Mind you, we'll say nothing about the fact that I had a top just like Alex's (that purple/blue knitted thing), albeit not in 1982. :-D

• Mrs McClusky, references to Tucker Jenkins and the ending of classic Grange Hill FTW!

• 'Supermac' is certainly not all that he seems. I do believe it was him in the abduction/coma scene...shades of Harry Woolf in Life On Mars only darker.

• Gene with the dying girl was so sweet. The fact that she was from Hyde-anything to read into that? Possible link to Sam Tyler? Or perhaps I'm over-analysing.

• The Diana references and 'Pont de L'Alma'. And even the references to Princess Margaret and her being in Soho at that particular time?! *cackle* What's that all about? Although, no doubt, all will be revealed!

• Chris's 'full monty' was hilarious. 'Refreshingly postmodern' indeed! :-D

• However, the fact that Dean Andrews is hinting that the ending is going to be a shocker (and based on a few articles I've skimmed through this morning)...is it actually Gene that's going to be in the coma and not Alex?!

Tune in again next week...I can't wait!
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