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And I don't mean the song by Frank Kelly, better known as Father Jack Hackett. *cackle* Today is my last day until the 2nd January and I've a hell of a lot to do once I pack up at the end of the day!

As it looked highly likely that this Christmas was going to be the most austere of my adult life until a few weeks ago (and because it's all a bit eleventh hour), in lieu of cards and presents I've made a donation to the PDSA as promised. I'm leaving this entry public so those of you who only look this way in passing these days due to evil Facebook *cackle* can behold my good deed. :-)

Email confirmation herein. )

All being well I'll be back in the old country tomorrow afternoon. Really hoping for no more adverse weather conditions as Flybe cancel flights at the drop of a hat. Yikes! But as soon as I arrive I'm being whisked off to do the Big Food ShopTM so I won't exactly be resting on my laurels! I'll be joined a few days later by Tez and we'll remain in Belfast until the 27th. Then there's New Year to sort out, but thankfully most of the planning's done.

Not signing off altogether over the holidays-expect my 2013 review over the next few days!


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