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Best Xmas present!

More eventually, but I think that speaks volumes for now. xxx
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And I don't mean the song by Frank Kelly, better known as Father Jack Hackett. *cackle* Today is my last day until the 2nd January and I've a hell of a lot to do once I pack up at the end of the day!

As it looked highly likely that this Christmas was going to be the most austere of my adult life until a few weeks ago (and because it's all a bit eleventh hour), in lieu of cards and presents I've made a donation to the PDSA as promised. I'm leaving this entry public so those of you who only look this way in passing these days due to evil Facebook *cackle* can behold my good deed. :-)

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All being well I'll be back in the old country tomorrow afternoon. Really hoping for no more adverse weather conditions as Flybe cancel flights at the drop of a hat. Yikes! But as soon as I arrive I'm being whisked off to do the Big Food ShopTM so I won't exactly be resting on my laurels! I'll be joined a few days later by Tez and we'll remain in Belfast until the 27th. Then there's New Year to sort out, but thankfully most of the planning's done.

Not signing off altogether over the holidays-expect my 2013 review over the next few days!
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(A rare public post as I can feel the bile rising.)

Do NOT start going on about Northern Ireland if you're not from here and haven't lived through the senseless violence we've seen over the years. We can live without what you think you've learned from textbooks.

I'm referring to some likely suspects who generally have too much to say for themselves about everything and anything as it is and who have probably never encountered *real* danger in their sheltered lives.

So spare us the 'compare and contrast'.

Most importantly-stay safe, you London lovelies.
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This meme originally did the rounds on Facebook, but in a slightly tweaked form it seems much more appropriate here.

Reply below with a number between 1 and 5000 (all comments are screened for anonymity-NOBODY will see them but me) and I'll repost what I really think of you in brief, and nobody will know but us!

NB-I'll do so on Sunday or Monday depending on responses-I'm hoping for at least 5. *nervous laugh* So you've plenty of time. *cackle*

Go on, because you know and love my legendary honesty. Don't you...?

And I'll be subtle and not use associative words like 'minx', 'kid' and 'tiger' or refer to various specific identifiers. I promise. :-D
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No, my journal's not been hijacked by Pope Benny. *cackle*

As the icon says...I'm bored. Entertain me. Yes, it's Friday and yes, it's pleasantly autumnal outside, but today is DRAGGING as for once I have next to nothing to do. *yawn*

So this is where you come in, dear readers.

Tell me a secret, confess up to something, unburden, gossip...all comments are screened and anonymous commenting is enabled. And there will be no reposting anywhere!

So do your worst. ;-)
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Happy 30th, kid...here's one I made earlier! )
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...And I only found out about it today!

RIP Iain Cuthbertson, AKA the Scunner Campbell and/or Hendrick from Children of the Stones (depending on what age you are and how cultish you like your telly).

Must rewatch the latter as a tribute in lieu of Supergran being unavailable on DVD!
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It's back to work, alas
Shouldn't have had that vodka
Can I kill my colleague?

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OK, so Michael Jackson died (hardly shock of the century), but there's no need to tell me about it SIX times on one page! *rolls eyes*

Edit to add amusing quip - Farrah Fawcett played with Majors, while Michael Jackson played with Minors. *drum roll and cymbal clash* :-D
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Contains disjointed spoilerific snippets. )
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Wise words, Alexander Jablokov.

So tell me some truths, and tell me which 'annoying bastards' have particularly incensed you over the past week or so. (NB I don't count! *cackle*)

All comments screened...unburden here!
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Make Room for the Minx.

Enter a word for your own slogan:

Generated by the Advertising Slogan Generator. Get more minx slogans.

('Only the crumbliest, flakiest minx' didn't look quite right. *cackle*)

Cheers to the lovely [livejournal.com profile] probodie for bringing this to my attention! :-D
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An upcoming pet project of mine will be to transfer lots of old VHS footage to DVD via my laptop, and some of it may even end up on YouTube. Nothing mucky, before you ask! (Keyword is *geeky*.) :-D

I don't have a DVD recorder/VHS combi as yet, so I'm hoping to do this via (inexpensive) software and cables. (Something like this, perhaps?) I've been reading reviews of various products, and am still none the wiser. Whatever I end up with doesn't have to be too basic as I'm relatively tech-savvy (aren't I, [livejournal.com profile] keresaspa?), but ideally not too complicated either! Or am I asking for too much?

Any advice from any seasoned video capturers would be good.
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Lately, the planning machine has been in full force. At this time of year most of us are dreaming about breaks from the norm, so I'm starting small. With a practically non-existent social life, it's always good to have something to look forward to.

Front 242, Dublin (28th February) and DAF/System:FX (28th March) are definite attendances-will be in London from 27th-29th. However, believe it or not, Laibach's upcoming gig is a maybe as the old post-Xmas funds are running dangerously low. *sniff* Still, if I know Laibach, there'll be another date or two in the pipeline later in the year... *crosses fingers*

Looking much further ahead, I see flights to Amsterdam in August are nicely low-however, I've no idea as yet of the dates for Summer Darkness! Still, that's a while off yet. Patience, dear! :-D